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The Non Profit Italian Association FREE TO HEAR was founded in December 2013 by a group of people, either who are deaf, or are relatives of deaf people, who were patients of Dr Sandro Burdo in Varese (Italy), with the main purpose of defending the civil rights of deaf people.


The name chosen, evocative and positive, wishes to convey an idea of freedom, autonomy, and the ability to live life as a protagonist of the ‘new deaf’, and the Association acts as a promotional keystone of this new culture and way of understanding deafness today.


 All deaf people may be members of the Association, and this includes both adults and young people, their relatives and supporters (without distinction of gender, race, religion or ideology) who, sharing the spirit and ideals, intend to make a personal commitment to the achievement of the aims provided in the Statute.


The main activities of the Association are:

  • Protection of civil rights of the deaf.
  • Deaf people family support.
  • Raising awareness and education on deafness-related topics.
  • Commitment to the awareness and promotion of organizations and/or foundations who share the aims of the Association, and finding ways and means to realize scientific research projects concerning deafness.
  • Finding ways and means for the realization of proiects training personnel dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of the deaf.
  • Participation in legislative decisions concerning deafness.
  • Promoting a form of ethical welfare which does more than just address discrimination.


The Association consists of:


  • The Shareholders.
  • The Board of Governors, made up of 10 people, carefully choosen from different classes of deaf people, in order to represent each of them, and its President.
  • The Secretary.
  • The Regional Representatives, who will form a network  with the ability to bring its proposals and projects to all regions.
  • The Treasurer.
  • The Board of Auditors.
  • The Scientific leader, who of course is Dr Burdo.

Membership of The Non Profit Italian Association FREE TO HEAR is free of charge, however if you would like to make a voluntary donation click here:

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